Trent has been a watersports enthusiast his entire life. He was raised on Lake Francis in Elysian, where he found out his dream to become a waterskier. After he was done with school he ventured down to Orlando, FL., Where he trained exclusively under waterski legend and Hall of fame inductee Sammy Duvall and Cypress Gardens barefoot skier Tim Smith. 

For 10 years Trent has called FL his home, training and educating people from all over the world. He has been recognized in the Orlando area for his customer service and dedication and is ready for the next chapter in his life. 

Trent is now back in his home roots of MN, where he created The Craft. He has over 25 years of water experience and 10 years of professional level training and boating expertise. He is always ready to talk about lake life and especially watersports.